Many refugee families, if they are lucky, are able to flee their country or are sent to a refugee camp to seek asylum. Syrian refugees in particular are usually dispersed to camps in either Jordan or Lebanon where they may anxiously await anywhere from 3 months to 15 years before they are accepted into a host country to live and have a second chance at life.

During this process of fleeing the Syrian civil war, many families are torn apart and separated with no ability to contact or locate one another. The UNHCR maintains that over 70,000 Syrian refugees have been split from their families, many of them lone children. This causes an unfathomable amount of pain and suffering among these families and can result in depression, identity loss, and economic distress.

Many refugees in camps are miserable. To give you an idea of what it can be like living in a refugee camp for one day let alone 15 years, the UNHCR suggests that over 41% of refugees in Lebanon have suicidal urges. This causes long term damages even after they leave.