7 Must See Attractions In Jordan

Okay, so you are planning your very first trip to Jordan. With the several attractions on either side of the country, you are probably overwhelmed with many ideas about how to best manage your travel agenda.

Jordan is a playground to say the least. Whether you are looking for history, exquisite food or never ending outdoor adventure, Jordan truly has is all.

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Photo Diaries: A Weekend In Madrid

I, once again, needed to reboot and ease my inner cray cray so I decided to set out on a solo trip to Madrid for Semana Santa (Holy week). For this, they celebrate the entire week leading up to Easter Sunday with a number of festivals, marching bands and re enactments of the Catholic religion.

I did the usual and indulged in obsessive picture taking while I roamed the city, ate too much food and drank way too much red wine. The trip was just what I needed to clear my senses and recharge after a stressful week (more like a stressful 6 months) of my studies. Madrid made my heart sing and my belly satisfied with free tapas and cheap alcohol, which is basically all I need to be happy so its pretty safe to say that ill be going back soon.

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7 Ways To Make Money Abroad

As if trying to move abroad wasn’t already a task in itself, once you are ready to make the move you then have to find away to afford it. Money is a huge deterrent for people who are wanting to move abroad, and nowadays it can seem impossible to to manage.

Sadly, finding work abroad can seem almost impossible. This is either because of visa restrictions, or not knowing the language.

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9 Ways to Survive Grad School In Spain

When I decided to get a masters degree abroad, I was much more focused on the “abroad” part than the actual “degree” part. I didn’t picture all the books and sleepless nights, instead I filled my brain with images of fun in the Barcelona summer sun.

Once I arrived in Barcelona I did just that. I spent most of my time at the beach, sipping on mojitos and sunbathing. I was living the life, and then it hit me, I had to start classes. I was still in vacation mode, trying to adapt to a new country, a new culture and a new language while also writing two essays and a presentation a week. Lets just say, the struggle was real.

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