How you can help

The Mshemsh’s have taken a long journey to flee the heart wrenching war. Through that process they have been ripped apart from thier loved ones some of which have died before they were able to speak with them again.

Noor, the father, has a twin brother, a sister in-law and 4 nieces and nephews that were recently placed in Chicago from Syria. He and his twin brother have never been separated before and are desperate to be reunited.

Noor has tried everything to reconnect with his brother but neither of them have the funds or the help to do so. He and his family feel defeated and are losing hope.

Let’s give them hope! Please help me grant the Mshemsh family with their wish of being reunited with their loved ones so they can finally have a chance at a happy and fulfilling life in Colorado!

All proceeds will go directly towards plane tickets, and first month’s rent for Noor’s twin brother, sister in-law and their four children to move to Colorado from Chicago and so they can be together again.

For more information and to follow their progress as well as my journey with the Mshemsh family over this next year, you can follow my blog here.

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