How To Stay Fit While You Travel

“The Only Bad Work Out Is The One You Didn’t Do”

Before, when I was living in the United States, I always had my routine. I food prepped on Sundays and worked out at the gym right next to my house around 6:00 or 7:00 am before work. However, when I was traveling a ton, keeping up with a healthy routine was difficult, but it did’t have to be.

This past year while I was living and travelling around Europe, I had to find new, fun, easily accessible and cheap ways to stay fit. Being gone most weekends, it did’t make much sense to pay for a gym membership, so I got creative and did most of my work outs outside.

There is something revitalizing about being outside and getting a work out with the breeze hitting your face and the sun hanging low, just another reason why I try and toss the gym. It’s good to have a routine that can be done anywhere, because then you have less excuses to bail.

Before I go on to tell you about how to stay fit while you travel, I want to start off by talking about how I usually start my mornings, regardless of where I am in the world. My home, currently, is in Barcelona where I find endless opportunities for a morning work out; Parks, the beach, mountains, etc., but what I love so much about this morning routine is that it can literally be done any where, all you need is, well, a ground.


How I like start of my mornings

First, I start with a light warm up; Jogging, or speed walking for about 10 minutes. This is a good way to warm up and get your heart rate going. Don’t Forget to stretch! 🙂

Second, I search for a bench, or a chair, or even a set of stairs. Any will do.

Once I have found that, I choose 5 of these work outs and rotate through them 3 times. I like to make sure I have a good mix of more cardio based (Jumping jax, blurpees, jump rope) and strength based (push ups, squats, chair sit) workouts to make sure I keep my heart rate up:

Dips x 15
Dips x 15
Chair sits 30 sec.
Chair sits 30 sec.
Squats x 20
Squats x 20
Lunges x 20
Lunges x 20

Jump ups x 20: Jumping up and down off whatever platform is chosen using both feet.

Step ups x 20 (Each leg): Step up onto platform using high knees

Squats x15

Lunges x20

Jog up and down stairs 1min

Dips x 15

Push ups x 10

Jumping jax x30

Blurpees x10

Hikers x20

Jump rope x30

Tips while on the road…

By groceries: This is the number one way I like to hold my self accountable and make sure I stay healthy while traveling. It’s so hard not to just go crazy and eat everything on vacation, I mean after all it is a vacation right? Right, but if you are traveling a lot, constantly, its less of a vacation and more of a lifestyle. At least that’s what I tell myself.

If I by groceries then I know that I already spent what little money I have on healthy food, so I damn sure won’t waste it. From there I make my breakfast and pack picnics to take with me where every I wander to. Its an awesome way to stay healthy while your on the go.

Get a nice water bottle: I don’t know if its just me or what, but when I buy nice/cute things I am more likely to be motivated to use it. Get a nice water bottle that you enjoy carrying around and take it EVRYWHERE with you. Sip on through out the entire day as much as possible to make sure you stay hydrated.

Walk everywhere: Chances are, even if you do work out while you are traveling, it probably isn’t quite as much or as intense as the work outs you do when you are home, so ditch the cab, or bus and walk to your destinations. This is not only FREE but its also an fun way to explore the city you are in while keeping active.

Rent a bike: Renting bikes are fun and cheap and can be done most everywhere you go! DO IT! 🙂

Plan work out spots ahead: I always make sure to google what parks, paths or gardens are near me when I travel. Then I start to look at pictures and reviews. It makes me excited to check out some new beautiful park in an unknown city. Plus some of these places you may never think about visiting if it weren’t for your morning run. Some of the best experiences I had traveling were finding out about a city and working out at free botanical gardens and public parks.

Free week trials: One thing I have noticed is that pretty much everywhere in the world offers free trials to gyms or work out clubs. Check out gyms, cross fits, outdoor boot camps, yoga, etc., and get a free week in the city you are staying.

Join Meetup: This is just wonderful! You can find anything on here, from free outdoor yoga, beach volley, etc., to hiking trips and rock climbing. Its not only I good way to stay active and improve your health but it’s an awesome way to meet people doing the things you love and enjoy anywhere in the world!

” Its not about having time, its about making time…”

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