A job finally worth staying for: How it changed my perception of life and travel

It has been forever since I have had time or the will to write another post. Not because I haven’t wanted to, because I for sure have and I even feel lazy for not, but because I finally found my dream job – the one that fuels my never ending passion for travel and education.

Anyone who has been captured by the life of travel knows that finding a job to tame that wanderlust soul is next to impossible, but it’s not completely hopeless. I did it! Yay for big girl jobs and adulting.

If I am going to talk all this talk about some magical job and a happy ending I should probably explain to you what exactly it is that I do, and why it’s so great.  So here it is – I am a global education consultant for EF Education First. EF is a global education company that spreads education through international travel. We focus on breaking cultural boundaries and opening the world through education.

So not only can I put my years of travel experience to use, but I can spread the word of how travel is literally the best education this world has to offer. As an education junkie who appreciates the life of never-ending learning and self-exploration, I can finally help provide this opportunity to the world.

Now for the fun stuff; I occasionally get paid to travel. I just got back from Amsterdam, Belgium, and Paris with my work. That’s right, with my work! The best part about this is, aside from experiencing the amazing things my company does first hand, I get to do it with young, up and coming globetrotters – middle school and high school students.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” ― John F. Kennedy

I never thought me, a 27 year old solo traveler blogger, could have so much fun trotting around Europe with young-ins but once again, as I do every time I travel, I learned something new about myself and it, was, awesome! Here is what we did:

• We cruised through the canals of Paris and watched the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower by night – It never gets old.
• We went to the Louvre and explored all the beauties it had to offer. Of course the kids saw the famous Mona Lisa and snapped their new favorite selfie.
• We walked up to the golden palace gates of Versailles – something I’ll never forget.
• We put locks on the famous lock bridge in Paris.
• We had a guided bus tour through Paris and learned all the ins and outs of the history and culture.
• We learned that in Amsterdam, people move their furniture into their house through the front window by using a large hook at the top of their house. Weird.
• We took a canal cruise through beautiful and quaint Amsterdam.
• We went to a cheese farm which was surprisingly one of our favorite parts of the entire trip because not only was the cheese just to die for, but the cheese farmer who showed as around was a real hoot and giving us the true local spirit.
• We saw the famous Zanse Shanse Windmills and met a friendly goat who greeted us.
• Ate the most amazing Belgian waffles…EVER

Why is all this so special?

My past self would look at my present self and read this thinking, “Really, the Eiffel tower, canal rides, cheese farms? That is so cliché.” But to be honest, I have spent so much time vigorously traveling the world solo on a never ending hunt to find everything that I forgot the beauty of relaxing and learning about the culture and history of a city in a way that I have never done before.

When you are spending your days traveling it is exhausting. I am still not tired of it, no never, but I am getting tired in general. My feet, my knees, and my back can only take so much of this wandering before it just become strait up painful. It was nice to take a break and traveling with a group of people has taught me a lot about myself just like traveling alone did.

Also, we all know, traveling is an expensive hobby and when you spend five years in the air like I did, you learn to live cheap and with that you just accept that you probably can’t do the whole tourist sha-bang because it’s too expensive. Consequently, you actually can miss a lot of cool stuff. This was the perfect way for me to try something new and stop being such a backpack snob who thinks they are too cool for school. Or in better words, too cool for touristy tourist things in touristic locations.

What did I learn about myself?

1. I am capable of traveling with other people – For a while there I was beginning to think that I was not even socially capable of traveling with anyone other than myself. Traveling solo made me more selfish and uncompromising than ever. I learned that I can be flexible and less fixed when making travel plans and most of all I learned that traveling with kids is not so bad. In fact, it’s a pretty cute a rewarding experience.

2. I actually might admit to liking some touristy things – I never thought I would say this but… I actually enjoyed doing some cheesy touristy things that I used to make fun of other people doing. We didn’t rent a Segway, that I will never do, but we did take boat cruises and spend hours staring at the Eiffel tour. I may have even briefly used a selfie stick (okay I admitted it).

3. If you do a job you love, you never work a day in your life – I know, it’s literally as cheesy as it gets but it’s so true. For the past 5 years I was engulfed in a quarter life crisis. I was 100% percent convinced that I had a better chance of ending up homeless because, regardless of my education and ability to get jobs, I would never be able to actually commit and stay at a job. If it was between a trip to Dubai or my job, Dubai won every time. Bye Feliciaaaaaaaa (this actually happened).

But when I finally stopped lying to myself and trying to get jobs just to make it and actually get a career that I could actually appreciate, I now feel like I am just living my life the way I want to while making a living. It is truly amazing.

What do I hope you get from this post?

Remember to take chances and try things that you might not usually want to do. Stop being so stuck in your ways and most of all, stop doubting yourself and your success.
You can be a world traveler and still have a career. You can still make a respectable living with a gypsy soul and you very well may take a liking to doing the very things you think you hate – like traveling with toddlers and buying a selfie stick, while riding a Segway at the Eiffel tower.

See ya next time!

P.S. The Segway never happened

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