6 Things You Cannot Miss In Romania

Last week I went on a rather spontaneous adventure to Romania. I stayed a week in Bucharest the city of fun nightlife, unique history, and diverse architecture, it was a blast. At first I really didn’t know what to expect because I haven’t heard of many people fleeing to Romania for vacation, but now, I am really surprised that more people hadn’t visited.

Now there are the downsides to Romania, many beggars, pit pocketing, and the overwhelming “charm” of natives, but Romania’s positive attributes by far outweigh any negative ones. It’s cheap, it’s gorgeous, and there is a lot to do.

So if you find yourself curiously wandering to Romania or you just want to indulge in what I have to say about it, here are the 6 things you cannot miss when you visit Romania:

Transylvania: Can you say history?!?!? WOW. Romania’s notorious Transylvanian region (Home of Dracula) is everything I pictured it being. Steep mountain cliffs, beautiful green trees softly blanketed by sheer clouds, and phenomenal mid evil architecture. It’s just 3 hours outside Bucharest and it’s a must see for anyone looking to get outside the main city!

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Bran Castle: Dracula! The story of “Vlad the Impaler” AKA Dracula was inspired by this castle. This castle, told as “Dracula’s Layer”, is located inside the notorious Transylvanian region. It was also listed as one of the scariest places in the world, which is strange because I didn’t find this castle scary at all, in fact it wasn’t anything other than breathtakingly beautiful.

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Brasov: Sadly, I only stopped through this city for a short hour, but if I could’ve I would have stayed there the rest of the trip! This town is my personal fave when it comes to beauty and character in Romania. The streets are so charming, and the best part is that it is located perfectly in the mountains of Transylvania. There you can get the typical Romanian feel with a touch of cozy mountain life.

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Bucharest: This busy city has everything you would expect to see in a city center—nightlife, beautiful buildings, cheap food and alcohol, and great parks. I totally recommend taking a day or two to see all the history and fun Bucharest has to offer.

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Constanta: Located just 2 hours away from Bucharest in the coastal  city of Constanta is a popular history packed is a wonderful old abandoned casino that overlooks the black sea. Dating back to 600 B.C this town has enough history and culture to have you satisfied for days. Also check out the many other monument sin this town such as mosques and churches. It’s gorgeous.

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Pele’s Castle: Another gorgeous must see castle in Romania. This one in particular was created by German architects and exudes a particular type of charm that I have yet to see in any other castle before. It’s decorated with beautiful different colors of wood inside and out. I recommend the full indoor outdoor tour.

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